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each therapist has 8+ years experience  
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It is important to remember that maintaining or increasing  healthy nutritional habits will further the benefits derived from colon hydrotherapy as well as exercise and peace of mind.
Colon Hydrotherapy treatments may increase and accelerate the benefits of good nutrition, exercise, and hydration 
Colonic services also can be incredibly and powerfully motivating to make healthier lifestyle choices
Colon Hydrotherapy opens up many channels of healing.  Water is such a conduit in cleansing & well being
"When we give the body water, it has the opportunity to release a large amount of stagnant waste through the colon. We are assisting any and all parts of the body, head to toe, inside and out, to hydrate, cleanse, and Heal/Regenerate a lot more effectively."
  • A great support to diet and lifestyle change
  • Increases hydration for whole body
  • Assists the liver to cleanse more effectively
  • Increases blood volume, circulation and Helps to clean the blood
  • Assists to clean the lymphatic system
  • Helps to clean/heal the skin 
  • May ease lower back pain
  • Assists decrease of internal compression to surrounding organs
  • May eliminate/ease  headaches/migraines
  • Decreases constipation symptoms and debilitating dis~eases.   Supports the strengthening of muscle tone in colon when a large series of treatments is done. 
  • Supports most forms of cleansing and detoxes
  • A great support to green juice fasting
  • Gives more internal awareness of the body
  • Helpful after traveling
  • Typically beneficial before surgeries
  • Great Colonoscopy preparation as well
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